Barrelspa hot tub rental offers hot tub rent in Tartu County and Southern Estonia. We are located in Elva. The hot tub, also locally referred as barrel tub, can be used all year round and can be transported by car if tow bar is available. The dimensions of our barrel are 1,8 x 2,4 meters, with water capacity up to 1800 litres, which ensures bathing pleasure for up to 8-10 persons. In addition our tub has installed a bubble system and LED lightning for a mood boosting effect. Depending on the water pressure, it takes up to 2 hours to fill the barrel with water. A powerful 40kw wood-fired oven is used to heat the water to operating temperature (38-40°C), which takes 2-3 hours of heating and 2-3 bags of firewood, depending on the outdoor temperature. If tap water is not available, we also offer submersible pump and a generator for lakeside or riverside usage.

Lisaks saab meie käest rentida helitehnikat ja 3x3m pop-up telki ürituste ja koosviibimiste korraldamiseks.

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