How to use

Preparations before usage

  1. Find a flat and firm ground where you plan to install the hot tub. Using the first support wheel, release the trailer and move it to the correct position. Note that the trailer with a filled barrel can no longer be moved.
  2. Secure the trailer with wheel chocks and place wooden support blocks under the corner supports.
  3. Use the reducers to adjust the trailer corner supports to approx. 2-3cm above the wooden blocks. This way, when the barrel is full, part of the load is also transferred to the trailers drive axle. Make sure that the trailer is as levelled as possible.
  4. Raise the front support wheel to the upper position.
  5. Assemble the chimney pipe and attach it on the oven.
  6. Make sure the drain is closed and start filling the barrel with water. The optimal water level is ~ 15cm from the edge.
  7. The hot tub, which is completely or partially filled with water, must not be transported.
  8. Do not start heating the oven until the upper water circulating openings are ~ 10 cm under water.
  9. Only firewood is suitable for heating. During heating, it is recommended to cover the barrel with PVC cover and mix the water after every ~30 minutes. The included paddle or bubble system may be used for mixing.
  10. Depending on the desired water temperature, it usually takes 2-3 hours to heat the barrel and two or three 40L firewood bags.
  11. The recommended water temperature is 35-38 ° C. Heating water above 40 degrees, which can be hazardous to health, should be avoided.


  1. When you have finished using the hot tub and the fire is extinguished, you can start draining the water. To drain, use the supplied draining hose to direct the water to a suitable location.
  2. In winter, when air temperature may drop below zero, it must be ensured that water in the hot tub and oven does not freeze. To prevent freezing, the water should be drained right after usage.
  3. Drain the oven water jacket through the cap attached to the bottom of the oven.
  4. Clean used tools and place them in the correct place.
  5. The hot tub can be washed with a pressure washer and a soft sponge or cloth. The use of sharp objects and chemicals when cleaning the barrel is forbidden!
  6. Attach the PVC cover on the barrel.
  7. Prior to transport, make sure that the support legs are raised and in a horizontal position. Make sure that the trailer is correctly attached to the car's towbar.